Screen-free activities for toddlers

With a third national lockdown upon us, I thought what better time to share with you some fun, screen-free activities for toddlers?

I try to do activities that I enjoy taking part in as well, and most importantly take very little time and effort to set up or clean after. This is crucial now that we are juggling so many things from home.

A local family walk is always a good idea, and will get those legs moving. However, the weather has been dreadful over the past couple of days and I, for sure, don’t like mucky walks. But as soon as the weather and the temperatures pick up, I look forward to taking my bicycle for a long ride – I downloaded the Bikemap app so I can learn new cycling routes. I often feel worried when cycling with Noah around unknown areas.

You can order online for little money lots of fun activities, toys, and games for your little ones on Rex London. I currently have in my shopping basket a kite (I can’t wait to get it flying), some adorable cat and dog stickers, and coloring pencils (they have so many cute styles to choose from and so affordable, some of them are £0.50).

Also from Rex London are the learn your numbers counting cards. It’s a set of 10 jigsaw cards and you have to match the numbers with the illustrations. I know this is quite ambitious for me given that Noah is only 2, but I think it’s good to start early. And this game makes learning to count fun and easy.

We have been recently sent some Pop-up Peekaboo books from DK. I particularly like this type of book because they’re more interactive, and Noah loves finding the surprises behind each flap. The rhymes are easy to read and not too long, which is great for young children.

We were also sent some playing cards from Top Trumps and although they’re not recommended for under 3’s, Noah plays with them the most.

He is now able to identify several animals when I ask him to and also learned how to imitate lots of animal sounds.

I’m sure that later on will play the actual game, but for now, we both enjoy looking at the cards and learn new interesting facts about animals (we have Farm Animals, Loveable Dogs, and Baby Animals).

Baking is also a great activity and usually, the little ones love to get involved! Perhaps you have a star baker in the making, in which case, a session in the kitchen could prove a messy, but fun afternoon.

The Paw Patrol cupcake kit from Waitrose always goes down a treat!

There’s nothing like a bit of coloring to pass the time, and there are now so many great options out there. I’ve seen quite a few brands doing free downloadable coloring sheets, so you could try that instead of buying them. A cardboard box can also prove a fun colouring activity.

If you have other suggestions of fun activities or games, please help a tired mum out! Lots of love, Andreea

Disclaimer: I received the DK Pop-up Peekaboo books and the Top Trumps playing cards PR products to review and for content purposes. All views and words are my own.