How to create a spa day ritual at home

Imagine the bliss of a perfect spa day. The relaxation, the warmth, the total escape from the outside world. For some of us, a spa day may be out of reach for a little while (unless, of course, you’re lucky to live in a country that is not in a national lockdown).

The benefits of a spa break go beyond beauty treatments and can help you to relax, unwind, and achieve a sense of mindfulness. But there’s nothing stopping you from re-creating that soothing and relaxing spa day atmosphere in your own bathroom.

A little pampering session goes a long way, and right now, it’s more important than ever to switch off for a few hours.

I’ve always preferred long baths to quick showers, and whilst I was pregnant I used to run a warm bath every single night (yes, I know showers are more environmentally friendly than baths, but I suffered from really bad back pains and the long, warm baths really helped me). It’s my little ritual.

I think it’s important to create your at-home spa in a place that is comfortable, relaxing, and calm; it can be your bedroom, your bathroom, or whatever space makes you feel good.

Comfort and warmth are the key ingredients for a true relaxation experience. Along with scent, of course.

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At the moment I’m in love with the ‘Siesta Forever’ candle from Temple Spa. My house smells like a luxurious spa every time I burn their wonderfully soothing candle and apply their ‘Peace Be Still’ calming skin balm. These two products together instantly get me into the spa mood by reminding me of my last spa break (pre-lockdown, of course).

Music, too, is important.

I use Spotify to access spa-themed music such as ‘music to massage’ or ‘Bali spa music’, but you might want to try apps such as Calm (I have the premium subscription, but some features are free) or Headspace.

If you find your mind is not switching off, try the ‘Deep Sleep’ pillow spray from ThisWorks. Containing Lavender, Vetivert, and Wild Chamomile oils, the pillow spray is perfect for those who want to wind down.

When it comes to facials, the best way to make yours spa-worthy is to invest in a Foreo UFO 2 (a more detailed review of this incredible device is coming soon).

Granted, it can never be the same without certain therapists on hand, but you can achieve a healthy and glowy complexion at home in just 90 seconds!

Finally, for the ultimate relaxation zone, I like to wear my soft bathrobe, put on some guided meditation, and pour myself a glass of bubbly.

Do you have a spa day ritual?