How to build and practice a self-care routine

There’s never been a better time to start building and practicing a self-care routine during these uncertain and worrying times.

I encourage you all to take a break from the noise of the virus – your body and mind deserve some rest. Incorporating self-care activities into your daily routine is an incredible way to improve and maintain your health and wellness.

One place to start is looking after your body more and this is something I have been neglecting since becoming a mother. It goes without saying that eating healthy, hydrating enough and sleeping better will significantly improve your overall health.

I have started using Assome! Ultrasonic Massager again this month – I stopped whilst being pregnant and breastfeeding, to reduce the appearance of the dreaded orange peel and improve my skin’s elasticity which, naturally, suffered a lot of changes throughout and post-pregnancy.

This nifty device combines ultrasonic vibrations and high-frequency radio waves to target cellulite beneath the skin’s surface. Assome! has three settings that you can choose between depending on the end result – ultrasonic technology for cellulite reduction, radiofrequency for firming and slimming and LED light for evening skin tone.

I use it three times a week, as part of my self-care routine. Thankfully, the process is incredibly easy and quick. You need to apply a proper amount of ultrasonic gel on the device and slowly glide it over each buttock or any part of your body for five minutes (no need for a timer, the device turns itself off after that amount of time). You can use your Assome! gadget with the Ultrasonic Absorption Gel and Serum or for a more effective result, use the New Ultrasonic Serum Forte with double Xymenynic power.

Sadly, there is no quick fix or miracle cure for cellulite, but using this incredible beauty tech device at home has visibly improved the overall texture, tone, and firmness of my skin.

The only downside is you will run out of ultrasonic absorption gel quite quickly, so be prepared to buy another after one month of use (for a limited time, you can buy 4 for the price of 3). My 8-week treatment has come to an end, but to maintain the results I will repeat it after three months.

Will you be taking advantage of the extra free time at home and practice a self-care routine? Let me know in the comment section below.

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