DIY Christmas wreath

Get your front door looking fabulously festive with a DIY Christmas wreath! Learn how to make a wreath for any holiday of the year using my step-by-step guide.

A few days ago, East Kent Flower Company sent me one of their DIY Christmas wreath kits – you can purchase your own here (local and nationwide delivery available). Their kits include everything you’ll need to make a wreath that will no doubt impress your guests this holiday season.

Wreaths are most often associated with Christmas, but they make beautiful decorations all-year-round. In Spring and Summer, a door adorned with dried barley and white bunny tails looks beautiful and inviting, while in Winter a cranberry and eucalyptus wreath offer a warm and colourful contrast to gloomy skies and bare trees.

Below, I demonstrate how easy it is to DIY your Christmas wreath, along with a few tips and techniques that I learned from Louise, the owner of East Kent Flower Company. Cook up some mulled wine and settle in for a night of wreath making with this very easy DIY kit.

Step 1 Order your East Kent Flower Company DIY kit here or buy your own materials and foliage and prepare your work area. You will need strong scissors and a pair of snips.

If you are buying your own materials, you will need the following: a frame base, moss, twine, hobby wire, mixed festive foliage (spruce, eucalyptus, hypericum), cinnamon sticks, pine cones, dried fruits, ribbon.

Step 2 Attach the twine to the copper frame, using a double knot. Louise’s tip Keep the twine short on the reel as you work your way up, as it’s much easier that way.

Step 3 Tease the moss into equal-sized ‘sausage’ shapes and bind them onto the wreath frame. Make sure the moss looks equal all the way around. Don’t cut the twine. Once finished, place your mossed frame to one side.

Step 4 Trim the foliage into equal 4-inches size pieces, forming mini bunches, and lay them in front of you. If you have a large frame, you will need to use bigger bunches than what I’ve used.

Step 5 Attach the foliage to your frame using the twine, laying the ends of your bunches on the moss (to keep them hydrated). Overlap slightly and place each mini bunch of your foliage in the same direction to form a circle. To slide the last bunch in, gently lift the first bunch of stems.

Well done, you’re half-way through!

Step 6 Make a double loop of twine at the reverse of the wreath, so you can attach it to your door. Cut the twine. Skip this step if you use a wreath hanger instead – mine is £1o and it’s adjustable (click here to buy your own).

Step 7 Now it’s time to decorate your Christmas wreath using the decorations provided in the kit or the ones your purchased on your own. Wrap the wire around the pine cones at the base, the cinnamon sticks and dried fruit slices at the rind edge, using the pliers for a snug fit. My kit included some coconut curls, but I haven’t attached them to my wreath.

Step 8 Lay the wired decorations on the foliage base to ensure you are happy with the spacing and the overall look of it before you wire them into position. Take each wired decoration, holding the wire at the end, so it does not bend too much. Insert into the foliage, through the moss, and out of the back of the frame.

Bend the wire back into the moss so it does not scratch your door or cause injury.

Step 9 Use the ribbon to make a simple bow or, if you don’t fancy a bow, you can use the ribbon as a loop.

Now it’s time to hang your beautiful DIY Christmas wreath on your door. Be sure to share it with all of your friends – even if that means virtually – to spread the holiday cheer with all. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook @launeden with your finished wreath, I would love to see it!