My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead

Co-sleeping is one of the most controversial subjects in parenting, so I’ve put together a list of some of the pros and cons of co-sleeping so you are fully informed as to whether this arrangement is something that will work for you and your baby. I’m also going to be sharing our experience on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead.

Before Noah’s arrival, both my husband and I agreed that we won’t be co-sleeping and that Noah will sleep in his Moba Moses basket for at least 6 months before we move him in his bedroom. One of the things I’ve learned as a new parent is not to make plans – caring for your baby can be hard work, especially when they’re not settling or sleeping well. So, instead of making plans and reading what other parents do, I decided to do whatever works for me and my baby.

For the first month, Noah slept in his Moses basket and God was it difficult! Having him sleep next to our bed made my recovery from the C-section slower, I was hardly getting any sleep as I was nursing him every other hour and left me with some excruciating back pains from all the lifting and getting up and down in the night. During another sleepless night, I decided to move him in his Sleepyhead and placed the pod above my head – I’m 5’3 (1.62cm) so my feet are not hanging off the bed. This change made everything so much easier!

The Sleepyhead Deluxe+ is intended for babies 0-8 months (use the Grand version for 9-36 months) and is a multi-functional co-sleeping, lounging, napping, tummy time and playing baby pod you can take anywhere. We have been using ours from the very first day and could not recommend it enough!

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Below I explain some of the pros and cons of co-sleeping with your baby – please remember that every child is different and whatever works for us, might not work for you. Be patient and enjoy these magical moments together!

Pros Many parents who co-sleep say it leads to less crying and distressed behaviour from their babies. From our experience, this is true! Co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead meant that both my husband and I could cuddle our baby to sleep during the night – Noah loves falling asleep with either mine or my husband’s hand on his head.

Being within an arm’s reach from your baby means that you’re likely to check on him and touch him more often through the night. So you may notice if he’s unwell more quickly than if he was in a Moses basket or cot.

Another common reason for co-sleeping is how easy it makes breastfeeding. Breastfeeding while co-sleeping was definitely easier for me, as I was able to respond to my baby more quickly – Noah can feed without waking fully from sleep, meaning that I can get more rest. It also helps a mother recover from giving birth faster.

Cons One of the most dangerous ways to co-sleep is with your baby on a sofa or armchair – the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) increases dramatically in this situation. If you’re going to fall asleep with your baby, I recommend investing in a Sleepyhead pod that makes co-sleeping safer (providing the surrounding environment is safe for children and they are supervised).

Making the transition from your bed to their cot might be difficult – a lot depends on their age and how long they have been sleeping with you.

Co-sleeping with your baby might disrupt the mother and father’s relationship. While the last thing on your mind when you first get home from the hospital is having sex, over time you may find having a baby in the room not ideal for a healthy relationship.

So, if you’re considering co-sleeping I hope you found this article helpful and if you want to share your own experience, please leave a comment below.

My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead - Launeden
My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead - Launeden
Co-sleeping-ul sau dormitul bebelusului in acelasi pat/camera cu parintii (ambele variante sunt acceptate) este unul dintre cele mai controversate subiecte printre parinti. Asa ca am decis sa impartasesc din experienta noastra si sa alcatuiesc o lista cu argumente pro si contra, astfel incat sa vin in ajutorul celor care se gandesc sa incerce co-sleeping-ul.

Inainte de venirea pe lume a baietelului nostru, eu si sotul meu am hotarat ca Noah va dormi intr-un Moba Moses basket cel putin pana la 6 luni, moment in care il vom muta in camera lui. Unul dintre lucrurile pe care l-am invatat de cand sunt parinte este sa nu-mi fac planuri.

In prima luna de la nastere Noah a dormit in Moses basket (il tineam langa patul nostru), dar nu mi-a fost deloc usor! Recuperarea mea dupa nasterea prin cezariana a fost lenta si grea, imi era greu sa il alaptez la cerere, in plus aveam niste dureri groaznice de spate de la ridicat. Asa ca intr-o noapte m-am hotarat sa il mut in Sleepyhead, pe care ulterior l-am pozitionat deasupra capului meu – am 1.62cm asa ca picioarele nu imi atarna din pat. Totul a devenit mult mai usor dupa aceasta schimbare!

Sleepyhead Deluxe+ este un pat multifunctional pentru bebelusi intre 0-8 luni (poti opta pentru varianta Grand, 9-36 luni) pe care il poti lua oriunde si folosi pentru diferite activitati.

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Mai jos vei gasi cateva argumente pro si contra co-sleeping-ului. Te rog sa nu uiti ca fiecare bebelus este diferit, inarmeaza-te cu multa rabdare si bucura-te de aceste clipe minunate alaturi de copilul tau!

Pro Multi parinti care adopta co-sleeping-ul sustin ca bebelusii lor plang mai putin si sunt mult mai linistiti pe timpul noptii. Daca dormi alaturi de copilul tau ii poti observa din timp primele semne de foame sau neliniste si vei fi acolo pentru a le intampina inainte ca el sa inceapa sa planga.

Un alt argument pro co-sleeping este faptul ca incurajeaza alaptarea – copiii care dorm in acelasi pat cu mama sunt alaptati mai des decat cei care dorm singuri, mai mult decat atat, alaptatul devine mai usor, deoarece mama raspunde nevoilor bebelusului ei mai repede si poate alapta pentru o perioada mai lunga de timp.

Bebelusii au nevoie nu doar sa fie hraniti, ci si linistiti si schimbati pe timpul noptii. Co-sleeping-ul vine in ajutor mamei caci poate face toate aceste lucruri fara sa parasesca patul sau dormitorul, ramanand intr-o stare de odihna. Pe mine m-a ajutat foarte mult cu alaptatul la cerere, mai ales in perioada puseelor de crestere.

Contra Una dintre cele mai periculoase modalitati de co-sleeping o reprezinta adormitul cu bebelusul pe o canapea sau un fotoliu, deoarece creste foarte mult riscul de SIDS (sindromul mortii subite). Daca te decizi sa dormi cu copilul in acelasi pat, iti recomand sa investesti intr-un Sleepyhead baby pod – pentru ca face co-sleeping-ul mult mai safe.

Momentul tranzitiei din patul parintilor in propriul pat poate fi unul greoi si de lunga durata – totul depinde de varsta copilului si de cat de mult a dormit cu parintii.

Un alt argument contra ar fi acela ca poate afecta viata de cuplu. Cu toate ca in primele luni de viata ale copilului tau nu vei lua in calcul acest aspect, pe parcurs va trebui sa iei in considerare si nevoia de intimitate si afectiune in cuplu.

Sper ca acest articol sa vina in sprijinul parintilor care se gandesc la co-sleeping si va invit sa impartasiti din experienta voastra printr-un comentariu in sectiunea de mai jos.

My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead - Launeden
My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead - Launeden
My honest thoughts on co-sleeping with a Sleepyhead - Launeden