Win a Jane Koenig love tag necklace

Win a Jane Koenig love tag necklace

Lately I’ve been all about piling on dainty jewellery – the more, the merrier. And while there is definitely a time and a place for statement necklaces, I simply love unsophisticated jewellery, with minimal details that you can wear everyday.

There are tons of of-the-moment brands to choose from, but I simplified the shopping process by picking my absolute favorite at the moment: Jane Koenig is known for her whimsical and adventurous aesthetic.

She’s mixing old, antique objects such as roses made of chorale, antique precious stones, tortoise shell and ivory and other unique stuff with modern materials and design.

Jane Koenig ‘Love Tag’ necklace is delicate, romantic and feminine. I simply love the barely there chain and the elegant charm. The jewellery sort of hides a secret love message, it’s both private and a secret. I have this one pictured below with a A for Andreea and a N for Narcis.

Leave a comment below with your choice of letters (you can choose between rose-gold plated silver, sterling silver and gold-plated silver, with up to 2 letters), followed by your full name and you can win a personalized Jane Koenig ‘Love Tag’ necklace.

The winner will be chosen randomly on 14th of February (the giveaway is open worldwide). Good luck!

Update: this giveaway has now ended. The winner is Mada Malureanu. Thank you all for participating!

*Blouse by Chicwish

Jane KoenigJane KoenigJane KoenigJane KoenigJane Koenig

This article was written in collaboration with Jane Koenig. All views are my own.

  • latanya t

    I would pick LT for LaTanya Thornhill

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • Dinu Florina

    D&M – Denis, numele fiului meu si Madalina, numele meu. <3
    Aleg gold-plated silver.
    Dinu Florina Madalina

  • Denise Punct

    A&M, de la numele meu si al persoanei iubite, aleg gold-plated silver ❤.

  • Andreea Pangrate

    AP – rose gold plated silver
    Andreea Pangrate

  • Simona Păun

    SP – gold plated silver
    Simona Paun

  • Aleg rose-gold plated silver și inițialele A și V

  • cuelight

    Gold plated silver (to match my wedding ring). N&S

  • Paulina Rios

    PR – rose gold Plated silver
    Paulina Rios

  • Gabriela Vicol

    G și V – rose-gold plated silver
    Gabriela Vicol

  • Gabriela Lupulescu

    Sterling silver, GN
    Gabriela Lupulescu

  • Rebecca Howells

    Sterling silver EL please

  • Sarah Ward

    Rose-plated gold silver, S D please! Amazing giveaway x

  • Larisa Adela Moțu

    Sterling silver
    L M
    Larisa Adela Motu

  • Petronela Baltag Potolinca

    P & M

  • Moni Gabi

    M si M

  • Lukacs Cerasela

    C & M sterling silver

  • Ioana

    B & P + ❤

  • Aurelia Dumitru

    A&M sterling silver
    Aurelia Dumitru

  • Lauren B

    L and J in Silver!

  • andreeabacau

    A and I Sterling silver
    andreea ghinet

  • L H

    I would like the gold-plated silver with the letters “D” and “M”.

  • Mada Malureanu

    rose-gold plated silver, the letters M si G, madalina malureanu

  • Patti

    Rose gold with letters P and F. Patti LeBlanc

  • Maralyn Smith

    Sterling silver please with the letters “M” & “M”. Thank you for the chance.

  • Criss Emma


  • claudia

    Mi ar placea initialele R&B :*

  • Mădălina Atănăsoaei

    Rose-gold plated silver with “M” and “P”
    Mădălina Atănăsoaei

  • Mihaela Barcer

    M & G

  • Edina

    I would love E & R 😡

  • Sanda Tincu


  • Alexandra Marina

    A & B <3

  • Georgiana Sava

    Rose-gold plated silver with G&V

  • Badea Simona Gabriela

    M & G

  • Miha Ella Ghiban

    M si M .

  • Ionela Mihai


  • Katie

    K & Y
    Gold plated silver
    Katie Howie

  • Patrícia M.

    P & M
    Rose gold-plated silver
    Patrícia Marques

  • Lavinia Elena

    L & L

  • roxana

    A-Alexia si R-Roxana

  • tender carmen maril


  • Dinu Ecaterina

    D & M – Gold plated silver
    Dinu Ecaterina

  • Stan Andreea

    A&T, de la numele meu si al persoanei iubite, aleg gold-plated silver

  • Suta Lavinia

    B & L gold-plated silver
    Lavinia Suta
    :* thank you for the giveaway

  • Mina Mina

    A si H

  • Gheorghe Denisa

    As dorii cu initiala D❤

  • Pana Delia

    Aş dori cu iniţiala D şi M ❤

  • Alina

    E & A

  • Mădălina Matei

    S+ M ❤

  • Mădălina Matei


  • Mădălina Matei

    Plated silver M&S
    Madalina Matdi

  • Bleotu Gheorghe


  • Ivan Janeta


  • Macrina Bleotu


  • Mada Madalina

    M&N plated silver

  • Carmen


  • Denisa Ioana


  • Venera Padureanu


  • Nelu Ivan


  • Elena Racovita


  • Andreea Cristi


  • Mari Milea

    M&L, rose-gold plated silver, Cristina Mariana Milea

  • Serban Greti

    A si M (Alina Maria)

  • Marin Theodora


  • Octaviana Mihaela


  • Carlene j

    Love these. I’d pick the rose gold so pretty. C&D would be perfect. Thanks for the chance x

  • Nital Shah

    N & S Rose gold please

  • Maralyn Smith

    M & M. Silver would be just gorgeous please.

  • Catalina Paun


  • S & C in rose gold would be perfect (Christine Dodd)

  • Andreea PD


  • Pana Nicolae

    Particip E si N

  • Andreea Krause

    A&M love forever 🙂 (I would choose rose-gold plated silver. Thank you!)

  • Jenny Foreman

    J&F in rose gold, these are gorgeous and I would love one! . Jen Foreman

  • Pavelescu Cristian


  • Georgi

    Aww what a cute giveaway! They are so beautiful. I’d choose rose gold plated silver with letters G and T.

    Georgia Adolpho

  • Doboş Cătălina

    V-C ! For ma’ boy.

  • Adela Todoruț

    A&R in sterling silver
    Adela Todorut

  • Simona Amihăesii

    Litera S

  • Mara Pia

    Litera M sterling silver Mara Pia

  • Serban Doru

    A si M

  • Giorgiana Gio

    S & G sterling silver Sabrina Giorgiana Porojan

  • donna brown

    D&k in rose gold ❤️

  • Mia Poulsen

    A + K in silver ❤️

  • Alexandra Grozea

    A & R in gold-plated silver, Alexandra Grozea

  • Ramona Răican

    Gold-plated silver R, S

    Magda Ramona Raican

  • Reli Raican

    Gold-plated silver R, D
    Raican Aurica

  • Dorel Raican

    Gold-plated silver R & D

    Raican Dorel