What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while some of us (me included) cant’t think of anything better than having an entire day to celebrate our greatest love, some others might not share the same enthusiasm. Whichever side you take, however, you’ll still need the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner, a movie night with your loved one or simply a few drinks with your single friends, just use it as an excuse to buy new clothes and dress up.

Wearing red on Valentine’s Day? I hear you cry, that’s so cliché! I don’t know about you, but red has never been an option when putting together my Valentine’s Day outfit. There’s nothing wrong with wearing red, but if you  want a romantic and sophisticated look and stand out from a sea of red, wear pastel shade.  

I’d highly recommend starting at Chic By Choice for your Valentine’s Day outfit ideas because there’s everything you could ever need. So instead of splashing your hard-earned money on a dress you’ll end wearing a handful of times, you can save up by renting a piece from a luxury designer.

So now that you know my little secret, you can treat yourself to a beautiful Self Portrait dress (like the one I’m wearing) at a fraction of its retail price. Plus you get £25 off your first order!

If, however, you fall for the dress and I mean who wouldn’t with such a beautiful and flattering design, you can purchase it here.

For the most romantic day of the year, I opted for a soft and dewy makeup by Lin & Lo, along with head-turning bouncy waves, beautifully created by the stylists at Duck & Dry (now open in West End too). So there you have it, my Valentine’s Day outfit sorted!

Be my Valentine - LaunedenBe my Valentine - LaunedenBe my Valentine - Launeden

Photography by Corinna Luce