What to wear in Disneyland in your 20’s

Hands up if you’re heading to Disneyland anytime soon and you’re outfit-planning already. Oh I hear you!

I can’t lie, I put a lot of thought into what I’d wear to the happiest place on earth and kept wondering what to pack and what to leave behind. Some of you might probably remember my recent trip to Disneyland Paris here.

When planning what to wear, there’s a lot to think about. and if you’ve never been, there might be a few things you’ve never even thought about. So I’ve done the hard work for you and put together a few tips to help lock in the perfect looks.

Dress for comfort. Yes, even in your 20’s. Sure, you want to look good in your photos and have the best Instagram-worthy shots, but you also want to be comfortable enough to ride Space Mountain and stand around as you wait for every. Single. Attraction. Remember you could potentially be in the same outfit from 10am until midnight, so when narrowing down your choices, skip anything that’s stiff or uncomfortable.

I opted for a tulle skirt, a great choice even for those of you planning on riding any of the water rides, thanks to its super light layers. It’s important to think about how fast your fabrics will dry, or not dry, for that matter. Walking around in wet jeans is definitely not my idea of fun.

Comfortable shoes play a big part in your trip, so make sure you pack only the pairs that will save your feet from blisters and pain.

Add some Disney flair. A t-shirt or mouse ears will do the trick quite nicely and get you in the Disney spirit in no time. Don’t forget to pack your camera and be prepared to have the best time ever.