Valentine’s Day gifts for jewellery lovers

Are you shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts?

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in a romantic relationship, and women of all ages love a bit of sparkle.

You can always rely on Claire’s to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. From ruby rings to cute and quirky love tokens, romantic jewellery gifts with which to spoil your loved one or your BFF on this love-filled holiday. And the great thing about Claire’s gifts is that they won’t break the bank – most of the pieces are under £30, so you’ll still have money left for chocolate and flowers.

If you’re single, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your BFF is a great way to get through the holiday without wanting to eat an entire box of chocolate by yourself in one go. This means going out for a special lunch (or dinner, or just a few drinks) – and of course, buying each other gifts.

We can’t possibly live without our bestie. No matter how many years pass by or how many kids we add to our families, there’s something about hanging out with the girl that makes us feel young (and fun!).

Melt your BFF’s heart with a piece of jewellery and show her how important her friendship really is. This ‘could be designer’ silver crystal drop chain necklace makes a great gift for your friend and is guaranteed to melt her heart.

Don’t forget about the chocolate. My absolute favourite at the moment is Jeff de Bruges, a French chocolatier who recently joined the ranks of chocolate purveyers in South Kensington.

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This article was written in collaboration with Claire’s. All views are my own.