5 things you need to know before cutting your hair

Whether you’re sick and tired of your long locks or you want to change your look completely just before the new year, a hot new short hairstyle will make a serious statement. Don’t worry if you think cutting your hair short will limit your style options, it’s normal. It’s important to remember though that hair grows and there are loads of looks you can play around with.

There is no reason to have long hair if the ends are split and the texture doesn’t feel quite good. I decided to cut it because I really wanted a change and because most of the times I was seriously struggling to style (read wash, blow dry, style) my long locks. Now that is shorter, it’s actually pretty easy to handle.

Below are 5 little facts about cutting your hair, and some tips to help you get the best out of your cut.

  1. Hair grows. Getting a significant cut obviously changes your look, but remember that your locks will grow back. It’s a promise!
  2. If you don’t trim, split ends will travel. Split ends will continue to split if you don’t trim them, making your hair brittle and weak.
  3. Have different options. When you get to the salon, talk with your stylist about your ideas. He will then explain what cut will work best with your texture and your features.
  4. Switch up your products and tools. When I had mine long, I was using a lot of products. Not anymore. Shorter locks are easier to style and don’t require tossing 4-5 products to look good. Now that you have it shorter, you’ll definitely not need that giant round brush that you were using before. Go for smaller tools in order to style it the way you want to.
  5. Practice new ways to style it. This was probably the best thing about having it shorter. It’s definitely a lot easier to play around with and I have been practicing new ways to style it.

Although it’s the shortest I’ve had it in years, I absolutely love it. A special thank you to ENA Salon in Holborn for my new short hair. So are you ready for the big chop? Let me know in your comments below.