The smart suit for all ages

The smart suit for all ages

Every woman needs a classic, smart suit in her wardrobe regardless of her job. A suit is a lifetime investment which takes a lot of consideration, no wonder online shopping can seem like a daunting experience. I recommend trying on a variety of different styles and brands before making a purchase. Even if your mother, or the sales woman, or whoever you’ve gone shopping with says it fits well.

Confidence is very often attached to feeling good in our own skin, but a well-tailored suit will do the job too. Below are a few tips for the next time you go shopping in search of your perfect smart suit.

What to look for when buying a smart suit

Keep it conservative and opt for a classic fit and a professional-looking colour. Black, navy, charcoal or grey will not only look very formal but you’ll find it easy to wear with plenty of different shirts, blouses and shoes.

 I went for a grey, slim fit suit from Mint Velvet (ordered it online) and to my surprise fit me like a glove. But in some cases you’ll most likely need to take it to a tailor for small adjustments.

The tailored slim fit trousers sit just above the ankle and the single breasted blazer will smarten up any look. This suit has already become a staple in my wardrobe, as I frequently pull it out for meetings, events and dinner dates with my husband.

This is the kind of suit I’ve been looking for my whole life!

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The smart suit for all ages

The smart suit for all ages

The smart suit for all ages

The smart suit for all ages

The smart suit for all ages

  • Lukacs Cerasela

    I love this grey suit! You look so preety! Kisses :*
    Lukacs Cerasela #FacebookFriends

  • Thank you so much Paulina! And good luck finding a job x #17

  • Simo Florina

    Geanta este superbă! Îmi place tare mult! #FacebookFriends

  • Larisa Ciubotaru

    Superb outfit <3
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    Superb! Mult bun gust si stil! <3 Dinu Florina Madalina #FacebookFriends

  • Andreea Maria

    Foarte frumos outfitul! Imi place mult bratara si geanta care au acel detaliu geometric. Tinuta emana eleganta si chiar te prinde bine 🙂

  • Arată foarte elegant costumul, de fapt întreaga ținută, iar detaliile fac diferența.Big like pentru geantă.
    Adina Gavriloi

  • Cristina Ilinca

    Superbă ținuta! Cristina Ilinca

  • Suta Lavinia

    I agree with everything you wrote, and I should buy such a smart suit, too. I’d like a grey one, just like yours, it seems suitable for many occasions 🙂 I love how you put that belt

  • Claudia Nicolae

    Imi place mult tinuta ta..geanta e minunata.
    Claudia Nicolae

  • Ene Maria

    Imi place mult ,mai ales geanta care e superba.
    Maria Ene #FacebookFriends.

  • Katleen Omalley

    o tinuta frumoasa si potriveste cu tine.Katleen Omalley #FacebookFriends