Rise and shine: rules for a perfect morning

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of person who wakes up smiling early in the morning, eager to start working. Crawling out of my comfortable bed is definitely not an easy task, but luckily I found a few ways to make my mornings brighter and easier to tackle.

 Rules for a perfect morning

Your morning can be that ‘make or break’ time that sets you up for a good or a bad day. Having a positive attitude and being thankful will help dictate your mood for the day. When you wake up, try to do something that makes you happy – whether it’s listening to music, indulging in your favourite breakfast, taking a relaxing bath or going out for a quick run, make sure you take time and do something just for you.

3Rise and shine rules for a perfect morning

The importance of a good night sleep

What leads to a perfect morning is definitely a good night sleep. We’re spending a third of our lives sleeping, and yet many of us underestimate the importance of a comfortable mattress. You might be tempted to blame it on your low budget for continuing to sleep on a less-than-ideal mattress, but can you really put a price tag on a good night sleep?

Last week I had the opportunity to meet the team behind TEMPUR and discuss about their recently launched Hybrid Mattress. It all started over 30 years ago, when a team of scientists at NASA developed a ground-breaking material to provide support to astronauts during lift-off. This unique material later became TEMPUR.

Rise and shine: 5 rules for a perfect morning

TEMPUR material was designed to conform to the shape of your body (no more back pains, I hear you saying) and absorb motion, so you and your partner can move without disturbing one another. Amazing, right?

What’s even more exciting is that all of their mattresses come with a fantastic 10 years guarantee to give you many years of trouble free, comfortable sleep. You can choose between 4 mattress collections, each feeling uniquely different, but all designed to conform and adapt to the exact shape of your body.

What makes your morning perfect? And have you discovered any tricks that make it easier to get out of bed?

Let me know in the comments below.

Rise and shine: 5 rules for a perfect morningrise-and-shine-rules-for-a-perfect-morning-11

This post is a collaboration with TEMPUR, but all thoughts and creative ideas are my own. Check out their website for more information on their mattresses.