Our latest beauty crush – Fereto Organics

Our latest beauty crush – Fereto Organics

This week we’re celebrating the best of beauty and reveal our latest beauty crush – Fereto Organics !

A flawless skin has long been a source of wonder amongst us beauty fanatics , with celebrities making us envious on a daily basis .

The wait is over , though , as we recently discovered and tested (a review to follow) Fereto Organics – the first ever Romanian brand of organic dermocosmetics produced in the French laboratories , after two years or researching and testing .

The Fereto Organics products come in recycled biodegradable recipients and have not been tested on animals . Compared to traditional products , organic dermocosmetics do not contain common preservatives , known to affect the human body .

Fereto Organics  products replace water , a basic ingredient in traditional lotions , with distilled plant extracts coming from biological cultures , obtained through an exclusive and complex purifying process which guarantees absolute purity .

The pure ingredients help boosting our natural collagen production , resulting in healthier , more toned and younger looking skin – a flawless , radiant skin what more could we ask for ?


  • Hydramax Botanical can be used during the day as well as during the night for proper skin nourishment . Hydramax Botanical leaves a silky skin and removes shallow wrinkles .
  • Hydramat Botanical can be applied during the day , as well as during the night . This special cream reduces the excessive sebum production around the T-Zone (forehead , nose and chin) , eliminates acne from its incipient phase , mattifies and evens the skin . In addition , Hydramat Botanical can be used as an excellent make-up foundation .
  • Hydra-Firming Eye Cream has an effect similar to Botox . However , the difference comes from the origin of the ingredients . Hydra Firming Eye Cream uses natural ingredients like hamamelis water , Aloe Vera extracts , baobab oil , rose oil and natural hyaluronic acid . The cream can be applied on other skin areas where shallow wrinkles or even deep wrinkles are starting to show up . The cream hydrates and softens the wrinkles , but also removes the dark circles under the eyes . Its effects are long-lasting and will appear after regular usage . For a complete skin care , Hydra Firming Eye Cream can be used with a hydrating face cream from our line of organic dermocosmetics , chosen depending on your skin type .
  • Hydra Sensitive ensures that sensitive or irritated skin is well hydrated and nourished . The cream maintains and protects the skin’s physiological balance , while activating the regeneration process . Moreover , the organic hydrating cream for sensitive skin reduces the number and size of visible capillaries , rewarding the skin with a smooth , uniform look . Hydra Sensitive also acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestioning agent .

The Fereto Organics products can be bought both from the Romanian website – http://fereto.ro and worldwide – http://fereto.com , with prices starting around £40 !