New Year’s resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions!

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions , many of us get caught up in the spirit of starting fresh , wiping the slate clean and ringing in a new year with a new attitude !

From small , everyday goals like exercising more or eating healthier , to major plans to better our lives and our inner selves – there’s something healing and reviving about resolving to make changes and be better this year !

So I took my pen – a bit later this year , and committed to new and renewed resolutions , looking forward to a fabulous new year !


  1.  Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle ! Comparison is the thief of joy , so concentrate MORE on what makes YOU happy !
  2. Live in the moment ! Live without regret and never look back !
  3. Cut bad people out of your life !
  4. Start your day with expressing gratitude for what you have !
  5. Don’t focus on losing weight , just focus on being healthy !
  6. Spend more quality time with your loved ones !
  7. Work harder ! Strive for more !
  8. Keep up a journal writing about things that made you happy in the last past days lets you relieve the moment !
  9. Spend more time doing something you love !
  10. Travel more !



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