Discover my invisible accessory by Chloe

The perfume you wear is your invisible and distinctive accessory – it says everything about who you are! And although your personal preferences might vary over time, finding a signature perfume that makes you feel good every day is a great way to celebrate and express your personality and nevertheless your style in a non-visual way.

Perfumes are the perfect gift regardless of the occasion, because everyone wants one. At birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion – I’m always delighted to receive a new scent to add to my vanity table.

I’ve had a few signature scents over the years, moving from sweet and floral to woody and earthy notes. Trying out new fragrances with the changing seasons or simply because of my shifting moods, made me discover specific scents that resonate with my personality and style.

If you’re more of a floral and romantic, Chloe’s Love Story (available at Fragrance Direct) is a gorgeous scent that captures the attention without shouting too loudly and smells as sophisticated as it looks.

Love Story Eau Sensuelle is the third fragrance from Chloe’s Love Story collection, inspired by Parisian romance and love padlocks. Fresh, light and floral with notes of orange blossom, you’ll smell like a chic French girl with every spritz.

It’s no secret that I love Paris so I believe my obsession with Chloe’s Love Story Eau Sensuelle stems from my desire to take a piece of Paris and wear it as a fragrance.

Boys, the clock is ticking. Treat your loved one to a floral Valentine’s Day bouquet that will live on long after February 14th. A gift inspired by a love story that is guaranteed to get your other half smiling.  

Chloe Love Story Eau SensuelleChloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle Chloe Love Story Eau SensuelleChloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle