Meet the perfect designer dress

The party season has just only begun but you’ve run out of things to wear already? Oh dear. Before panicking and planning a frantic one-afternoon shopping session where you buy several dresses that will only see the daylight once, let me tell you the solution: designer dress rental.

A few years back, renting your dress was a risky option; pieces often arrived damaged, there was no insurance offered and most of the styles were old. Nowadays, websites like Chic By Choice – my absolute favourite and most reliable designer dress rental, buy a lot into trends and popular designers, meaning that you can easily find the perfect designer dress without breaking a bank. Pieces can be booked for four or eight days and upon booking you can add a second size option to the order for free. Fantastic, right?

I’ve opted for an utterly beautiful Self-Portrait embroidered lace dress with a contemporary, yet feminine fit.¬†Showcasing the London-based designer’s fashion-forward approach to texture, subtle accessories and classic court heels will flatter this elegant silhouette.

Right, I’m off to plan my outfits for all the upcoming festive parties¬†– now, what shall I wear… Have you hired a dress before? Let me know in your comments.

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