Read all about Lenovo’s innovative Yoga Book

Every once in a while a new product launches and utterly blows my mind. The coolest and most sizzling tech product to date is Lenovo Yoga Book, launched earlier this year.

Introduction to Lenovo Yoga Book

I’m not a gadget geek or a tech connoisseur, however I was overly excited to hear more about this innovative product and naturally, couldn’t wait to play with it. Lenovo Yoga Book is a stylish 2-in-1 tablet, perfect to use on the go to take notes, create sketches or simply check your emails.

After a scrumptious lunch at Villandry, the Lenovo team talked us through the basics of the device, including the various modes of the Yoga Book.


The Yoga Book features a distinctive 360° hinge, meaning it can be used in 4 different modes.

Type Mode – if you wish to use the device as a typical laptop.

Watch Mode – the Yoga Book will stand as a tent, allowing you to view the sketches and the digital art work you have created and replicate it on a blank canvas.

Browse/Tablet Mode – this allows you to use the device as a compact tablet.

Create Mode – the ‘Create Pad’ has been designed to offer the best drawing experience on a tablet. You can easily draw with your hand, a digital stylus or a regular pen with paper. Your digital art work will instantly be transferred on the screen.

To fully understand the features and the various modes of the device, we were challenged to become artists for the day. There’s an old saying that ‘Practice makes perfect’. Using the Yoga Book in the ‘Create Mode’ made my drawing experience more comfortable, even though I’ve never had that special ability to express my feelings through art.

We then headed to The Royal Academy of Art to explore the Abstract Expressionism exhibition and get inspiration for our piece of art. Being able to capture great visuals thrughout the day is essential, so were given a Moto Z smartphone completed with a Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod.

Introduction to Moto Z

Moto Z is an exceptionally cool android device, designed for Moto Mods. The powerful Mods helped transform my smartphone into a movie projector, a speaker and a point and shoot camera with fantastic zoom. Amazing, right?

And for the final part of the day, we created our piece of abstract work using all the inspiration we had gathered from the exhibition. With a little (read big) help from the Yoga Book in the ‘Watch Mode’ I was able to easily transfer my prototype onto an A2 canvas, creating my very first piece  of artwork.

There’s never been anything like the Yoga Book before, so now you know why I am so thrilled with this new gadget from Lenovo.

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Photography by Kris Atomic, The Apartment


In collaboration with Lenovo and Moto. All views are my own.