How to do casual in style

I know a girl needs some inspiration every once in a while, so I put together a casual ensemble without loosing style points.

Instead of reaching for the same style staples every weekend (t-shirt, jeans and trainers), you should aim to create a relaxed yet pulled together ensemble. The possibilities for casual dressing are endless.

Here are some basic tips for achieving the perfect laid-back look:

  1. Steer clear of denim. Don’t be surprised ladies – casual shouldn’t necessarily mean jeans. Instead, opt for bottoms in cotton, culottes or ribbed knit dresses. I went for a roll neck dress (now on sale), worn with a pretty Mint Velvet faux fur vest layered over.
  2. Flat footwear is ideal. But, if you’re petite like me, a pair of medium-heeled boots are definitely okay.
  3. Avoid anything neon or shiny, unless it’s an understated accessory. This includes sequins tops or dresses, rhinestone pants or embellished knits.
  4. Modesty is key. Remember that less is more, ladies.
  5. All clothes should be clean, pressed and wrinkle-free. Yes, even on weekends!

What’s your go-to casual outfit?

Photo credit: Gents Observer