Graphic stripes in the 2nd day of London Fashion Week

Graphic stripes in the 2nd day of London Fashion Week

There’s no doubt that stripes are a Spring/Summer mainstay, but ever since Gucci’s vintage-inspired tea dresses or Prada’s leather skirts, all we can think of right now is graphic stripes.

I’m talking show-stopping, super-sized, colourful, graphic stripes type. And no, you don’t have to splurge your whole salary on the latest designer collections to tick the trend. Our favourite high street brands have embraced the trend too, so no need to panic.

Unlike the claasic and feminine Breton lines as seen in previous seasons, the new graphic stripes are a seriously bold statement, all with a 60’s inspired look. Super-sized or skinny, horizontal or vertical, it’s a trend to watch and (naturally) to wear.

London Fashion Week wouldn’t be the same without a splash of colour, and this season is no exception. Although I had a different outfit in mind, as soon as I spotted these Boden pieces in the walk in wardrobe at The Apartment, I jumped on the graphic lines bandwagon right away.

 It’s not often that a shirt can steal the show but that’s exactly what happened with the Boden pastel-toned top. Adding some glam to my look with a chic bag from Paul’s Boutique and a pair of Dior-esque boots from Public Desire. This is one outfit you’ll definitely see me wearing again!

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