Fereto Organics – the premium skincare range

Fereto Organics – the premium skincare range

Beautiful skin is the external projection of a life well lived – we’re pretty sure you’ve read about it !

You’ve heard the buzz that healthy , glowing skin is directly linked to a delectable diet – but while specific foods like blueberries , salmon and watercress have a visible impact on your complexion , using the correct beauty products will add a lot to a youthful look .

It is with this in mind , Fereto Organics have launched the latest in the beauty department – the first Romanian organic dermocosmetics brand designed and produced by dermatologists and chemists from laboratories in France .

Basically , Fereto goes back to the old cosmetology roots . They mix nature and science , a reason why their products are the result of rigorous research into the origins of the active principles they use and the selection of plant extracts which come from biological cultures , free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers .

If you’ve ever felt betrayed by the beauty industry , then you should try Fereto Organics for a true beauty transformation ! And because we tested them , we were so looking forward to share with you our latest beauty crush !


Our Editor said : “As an Editor at a fashion and lifestyle blog , I have access to all the beauty products , before they would even hit the shelves of the stores .

Did I mention that they don’t cost me anything , as it is my job to test them ? I have tried dozens of products , high-street as well as luxury ones . But nothing quite like Fereto Organics !

Unfortunately most of the products we use on a daily basis contain toxic chemicals that destroy our natural beauty .

Fereto Organics is a revolution in the skincare department , creating products 100% pure that give an aura of health , glow and nevertheless happiness ! My skin type is normal and a little bit oily on my forehead , so I used Hydramax Botanical perfect for all types of skin , and can be used during the day as well as during the night for proper skin nourishment .

I loved its light formula , super-quick to absorb and soft perfume – the least what you want during a sizzling Summer is a greasy , sticky hydrating cream – giving my skin the fresh matte effect finish I was always looking for . The formula left my skin silky and truly radiant , removing any shallow wrinkles .

Another one of my favourites was the Hydra Firming Eye Cream that does exactly what it says ! This organic dermocosmetic product has an effect similar to Botox – however , the difference comes from the origin of the ingredients . Hydra Firming Eye Cream uses natural ingredients like hamamelis water , Aloe Vera extracts , baobab oil , rose oil and natural hyaluronic acid that enhance microcirculation , stimulate collagen production and calm red patches or irritation on sensitive areas of the skin .


Everyday , its anti-ageing formula acts to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots . My skin never looked younger and felt firmer ! So there you have it – the must-buy skincare range , Fereto Organics !”

The Fereto Organics products can be bought both from the Romanian website – http://fereto.ro and worldwide – http://fereto.com , with prices starting around £40 !