Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK

Buying a new car is without any doubt one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make in your life. There’s a lot of things to keep in mind when buying a car, you’ll want comfort, peace of mind, perhaps the latest technology and a little bit of luxury. If, like me, you’re dreaming of one model that embodies your taste for style and innovation, look no further than the new DS 7 CROSSBACK launched earlier this month.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK is an exceptionally stylish, refined and technically advanced car that you’ll absolutely love driving! The entire range is now available to order, with a choice of 9 body colours, 5 different interior styles, 4 high performance engines and 15 high-tech features with prices starting at £28,000.

Discover the DS 7 CROSSBACK

For its official launch we were whisked off to Paris on a fascinating and truly insightful press trip. Not only did we get to test-drive the car, but also met the designers and everyone involved in the launch of the new DS 7 CROSSBACK.

Personally, I’m more inclined to buy a car judged by the way it looks, but the technology and performance is equally as important. The new DS 7 CROSSBACK has the ability to see in the dark, correct your driving and also monitor your attention – the DS Driver Attention Monitoring is able to detect signs of fatigue or distraction.

Another great thing about this car is that customers can reflect their personality with a choice of 5 different interior styles, available in a variety of trims and materials. The interiors, called DS Inspirations, take their style cues from Paris, the birthplace of the brand.

DS 7 CROSSBACK – a bespoke range

The iconic landmark of Place de la Bastille inspired the first interior style. Its premium materials, padded upholstery and subtle finishes with warm gold and silver echo this famous monument.

Inspired by the famous street and bursting with characteristic Parisian elegance, DS Inspiration Rivoli transports the customer onto the eponymous street, with its luxury boutiques, famous Tuileries Garden and prestigious palaces.

DS Inspiration Opéra, meanwhile, echoes the eclectic architecture and premium materials (gold and marble) of the interior of one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.

The DS Inspiration PERFORMANCE has been designed for the the people who like to combine sporty design with elegance.

A fifth Parisian Inspiration, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, will add to the range of DS 7 CROSSBACK interiors with the launch of the hybrid E-Tense 4×4. Designed for those who particularly appreciate travel and luxury, this Inspiration features the finest materials such as leather and ebony wood.

A special thank you to DS for organizing this trip for us!

Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK - Launeden

Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK - Launeden

Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK - Launeden

Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK - Launeden

Discover the new DS 7 CROSSBACK - Launeden

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