BRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz Earle

At least as important as how we eat is what we drink. Water is one of those things that we know is good for us in every moment of our life. And while the majority of people in developed countries have drinking water, it cannot be taken for granted in all countries.

Water is also unbeatable when it comes to wellbeing – it cleanses, refreshes and gives us a new sense of wellbeing. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Liz Earle, beauty and wellbeing entrepreneur and BRITA ambassador. We discussed about the damaging effects of using single use plastic bottles on the environment and the increased number of plastic water bottles used both at home and on the go.

A worrying number of 32% of people in the UK buy bottled water but don’t believe they contribute to pollution because they recycle. Recycling and looking after the environment is everyone’s responsibility, therefore drinking tap water (using a filter) is one simple way to help reduce the pollution.

The solution to both our wellbeing and pollution is switching to reusable bottles. And I know it might take a while for us to get into this habit, but I strongly believe that every little step counts. Refillable glass bottles are easier to clean and will retain their clarity even after hundreds of washes. They also have no effect on the taste or smell of your drink. For those of you who don’t enjoy drinking tap water, I recommend using filters to reduce limescale and impurities.

BRITA is renowned for their filtration products that can have a significant effect on both our health and wellbeing. Carrying around a light-weight refillable water bottle from BRITA not only keeps you hydrated all day without having to purchase water, it also allows you to make a visible commitment to reducing landfill contributions and protect yourself from harmful chemicals.

I believe the change is in our hands, so let’s encourage and educate our friends and families to give up using single use plastic bottles. The more we can recycle, the less we have to throw in the bin.

Throughout the day we also enjoyed some very insightful bespoke sessions with experts focusing on skin, juicing, mindfulness and fitness. From Nina Samuel-Camps I’ve learned about the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice. She believes that “mindfulness can easily be woven into your day – simply by focusing on your breath. Watching every inhalation and every exhalation. Practicing this simple breathing technique for 60 seconds a day is one of the most powerful wellbeing approaches you can gift yourself.” Rebecca Cox encourages people to exercise without going behind their personality, while Liz Earle believes that protecting the environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of all of us.

BRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz EarleBRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz EarleBRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz EarleBRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz EarleBRITA Wellbeing Power Hour with Liz Earle

This article has been written in collaboration with BRITA. All views are my own.