A moment of bliss with Lindor

We rush through every day caught up in the trap of being way too busy. We live life like it is a race, but we completely forget that the only thing waiting for us at the finish line will be ourselves.

Whatever your plans and however busy your life, it’s important to slow down and find a moment of bliss. It’s the little things in life we may have been taking for granted that will bring just as much happiness as getting a pay rise or planning a last-minute city break.

Find a moment of bliss every day

There is nothing that makes me happier than getting lost in a book and indulging in my favourite Lindt chocolate. For me, that’s one of the moments of bliss that really brings joy and excitement. It’s the same special sensation like back when I was a child and on Christmas day, I opened my presents to find exactly what I wrote on my wishlist.

I always look forward to that moment of the day when I put my laptop away, light a candle and enjoy a Lindt Lindor ball. The perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day at work.

With a delicious milk chocolate shell and an irresistibly smooth and creamy filling, Lindor makes the perfect blissful treat. The smell of chocolate reminds me to be thankful for being alive and to cherish these simple moments in life.

Your moments of bliss could be different than mine. Perhaps working out, cooking a great meal for your loved ones or talking to your friends on the phone. Pick your blissful moments and make them count each and every day.

What’s your moment of bliss?

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Jumpsuit Zara – Boots Dune London

Photography by Comb – Makeup by Lin & Lo

A moment of bliss with LindorA moment of bliss with LindorA moment of bliss with LindorA moment of bliss with Lindor

In collaboration with Lindt. All views and creative direction are my own.