Bare it all with Fereto Organics

Bare it all with Fereto Organics

I always want to have good skin and I believe the skin is a mirror of your health.

After turning 25 I started to be more aware and worried about the amount of toxic chemicals my skin is bombarded with on a daily basis. I live in London and that shows up on my skin – congested pores and patches of dryness. But with so many different options in beauty, is really easy to feel lost in the crowd.

If you like the idea of reducing your chemical load, Fereto Organics will make your entire beauty routine 100% natural.

My bedtime beauty routine is pretty basic, but mandatory:

  • Miracle Cleanser Cleansing Gel – it removes every last drop of make-up after massaging this gel into my face. The gel is recommended for all skin types and if applied regularly – I use it twice a day, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots or blackheads.

My latest beauty secret? Magnitone Lucida fantastic facial brush that gently cleanses and exfoliates my skin to remove residues, impurities and dead skin cells using Active Electromagnetic Technology.

It features  two cleansing modes, the soft brush produces over 10000 fast-pulsing rotation-oscillations per minute to deeply and effectively clean and smooth your skin.

I use it for 1 minute twice a day with my usual Miracle Cleanser Cleansing Gel under the shower as it’s completely waterproof. It leaves my skin radiant, smooth and clean!

  • Miracle Scrub Exfoliating Gel – I use it once a week as my skin tends to get dry during the cold season. I apply the gel on clean skin, massaging for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Miracle Scrub is recommended for all skin types and guarantees a perfect cleaning and purifying action.

  • Cellular Regenerating Night Serum – most definitely my favourite product from Fereto, I apply it every evening before going to bed by gently massaging the cleansed skin area.
  • Hydramax Botanical – I use this cream both during the day and the night. I don’t like heavy creams and this one has a really light formulation leaving my skin silky and glowing.

Its 100% natural ingredients, like jojoba oil, papaya and hibiscus extracts, linden and orange flower water, have an immediate, long-lasting hydrating effect on dry skin – perfect for the cold season!

  • Hydra Regenerating Body Emulsion – I often forget to drink water and my body skin has suffered a lot in the past. But with the new Hydra Regenerating Body Emulsion my skin condition has visibly improved after only a week!

Hydra Regenerating Body Emulsion has an intensive hydrating action on the skin, eliminates imperfections, regenerates deteriorated skin and brings an active contribution to the rejuvenating effect on cellular membranes.

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