5 reasons why you should join Snapchat

5 reasons why you should join Snapchat

So, it started off with Paris Fashion Week. Every single blogger and celebrity I met back in October was on Snapchat, but it was only when Chiara Ferragni announced her Snapchat username, I joined and jumped at the chance to give her a follow.

And yes, I must admit I was not a fan at the begining, more over I didn’t quite get it. But then I soon realized the importance of it – Snapchat is now the third most popular social app, more popular than Twitter and Pinterest to be more precise. So why joining?

1. You can capture the content immediately; the app opens directly to the camera making it optimal for capturing a moment.  Being a blogger, sharing every minute of my life is essential, but unlike the rest of the social media platforms I use, Snapchat is extremely quick and easy to use. Finally an app that doesn’t involve editing!

2. The disappearing factor; let’s say you’re tipsy and you want to send a message to your friends – no judgement here, I promise – you can feel safe and relieved that once 24 hours have expired , your message is gone for good and won’t come back to haunt you.

3. Keep in touch; it helps me stay in touch with friends around the world. Unlike other social media platforms where everyone you connect with can see what you post, Snapchat allows you to send directly to certain people. You want to send a photo specifically to your bff? Then she will be the only person to see it.

4. You can market your blog, business or brand; Snapchat is another social media tool that used strategically can help you promote your business. If you’re a designer, you can give your audience a behind the scenes look into your life.

5. It’s fun; let’s face it, Snapchat is fun. You actually get to know a person better. Plus some of our content isn’t Instagram-worthy, but sure is perfect for Snapchat!

So have you joined Snapchat already? Let me know in your comments. (join me on Snapchat @andreeapanciuc)